Best Lesbian Dating Apps For More Than a Hookup 2019

Well, there is a long way for the dating apps or platforms to fully cater to the same gender, or you may say LGBTQ needs. It wouldn’t be surprising to see new platforms coming up in the industry in the future. But, when we’re talking about the present, there are only a handful number of platforms available in the market that deserves the title of Best lesbian dating apps. Since the acceptance level of LGBTQ has been increasing, the demand is also rising tremendously for such platforms. Best Hookup Apps freeBest Lesbian Dating Apps

If you have come searching for a perfect lesbian dating app, then this is the right place to end your search. Today, in this article, we’re going to share a list of Best Lesbian Dating Apps that are available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the list straight away.

Best Lesbian Dating Apps

  1. Her:-

Her by Bloomer Inc is an award-winning LGBTQ woman dating app available in the Google Play Store and App Store. The App has user-base of over 5 million from all over the world, and it has been rated highly in the App Stores by its users. Her App not only helps you in finding LGBTQ Woman but also notifies you all the lesbian events and news taking place around your location.

Her is probably the best- organized and nicest community of women who are looking for a hookup. You will be able to find your matches by swiping right on your screen. New profiles will show up which are relevant to your interest. Go ahead and download the Her App from Google Play Store or App Store, and try it out yourself.

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2: OkCupid:-

Well, OkCupid isn’t completely a lesbian dating app, but it is being used by a lot of LGBTQ women around the world. Since the app is very lesbian-friendly, it wouldn’t take much effort or time for you to find a match. The app will ask you to select a sexual orientation from over 12 options before finding a match. OkCupid allows users to customize their profiles by uploading photos, gender, nature, etc.

OkCupid is a place where you can show who you are, without any hiccups. There’s an additional way of finding matches in the app, where you will be asked a series of questions, and you will have to answer them accordingly. Once the answers are analyzed, the app will show you other users who have given the same answers as you.

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3: Bumble:-

Bumble used to be dating platform for both men and women. However, the app’s way of marketing in recent times has made it very sweer-friendly. It is now an ideal option for women to meet other women who are looking to hook up or even date. Of course, you can still use the app to find the opposite gender matches, but it is now being used by LGBTQ women mostly.

Bumble app has been exploding in terms of popularity among women ever since the developers have decided to make changes. If you’re just looking for casual friends of the same gender or looking for homosexual people, Bumble app is the right option for you.

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4: Clover:-

Clover is another great app that implies to be a queer-friendly option for lesbian personalities. The users on the Clover platform are real people, unlike other platforms where you face bots or fake profiles. The app allows users to link their social media accounts to their profiles, add photos, add interests so that it wouldn’t be difficult for the opposite person to get a little trivia about you.

Clover’s smart algorithms play a big role in finding the exact matches for you. The recommendations or matches you’re showed are based on your profile, interests, likes, and dislikes, etc.

5: Hinge:-

Hinge is probably the last option on this list of best lesbian dating apps. Well, the app is still due for some improvements. Besides that, there isn’t really much to complain about. Hinge is quite a unique app, which isn’t actually a lesbian dating app explicitly but aims to provide a platform for all sorts of people. The platform has millions of users from all around the world, which is great since it would be easier to find a match.

Hinge’s clever bots make sure that you’re matched with people who are relevant to your likings and not the other way around. The app is available for both Android & iOS platform. it is available for free in the respective App Stores.


All the apps that are mentioned in this list of Best Lesbian Dating Apps are absolutely free to download and use. However, some apps may come with in-app purchases which are required in order to unlock additional features or perks. Let us know which one of them is your favorite in the comment sections and the reason as well.