Tinder is probably the most popular online dating platform, used by people all over the world. It’s a perfect place if you’re trying to perfect hookup or just a casual encounter to hang out. Well, anybody can sign up on Tinder and get started with their online dating thing. However, the sign-up process of Tinder is quite different compared to other such platforms. Users will have to use their Facebook account to sign up on Tinder. Meaning, you will be giving away your details to Tinder through your Facebook account.

This has been put like this by Tinder to reduce the fake profiles on their platform. Although it’s a good measure, many people don’t want to use their Facebook account to log in on Tinder. There could be several reasons for that, for example, some people don’t want their friends or family members to know about their presence on Tinder. It’s more of a personal preference, but this is the only way to access Tinder. However, there are some workarounds for this that you can try.